Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A nod to Britain

Whether she knows it or not Kate Middleton is now on every designers radar! The new Duchess has now taken on the role of Princess-to-be and Fashion ICON!!

Sarah Burton had the pleasure of designing Middleton's fabulous wedding dress and her sister's bridesmaid dress as well. And who wouldn't have chosen Burton!? The Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 collection was nothing short of royal - the runway even had live wolves thrown in for a little something extra! Burton presented dramatic, elegant, and overall bold statement pieces that were absolutely breath taking. The collection was titled "The Ice Queen and her court" and surly drew inspiration for the Royal Wedding designs.

In fact, it may be a coincident but it seems that many of the Fall lines are drawing inspiration from Westminster events and showing British influence... take a look at some of the design details in the Fall 2011 collections that are giving a nod to Britain.

View the behind the scenes and interviews of Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 collection here



Louis Vuitton 


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