Thursday, July 7, 2011

Messy ME


(Above: Rag&Bone Fall 2011, Band of Outsiders Fall 2011, Alexander McQueen Spring 2011)

Lately I have been so board with my hair! I wanted to find a new style fresh for summer, I have found the MESSY braid movement - Braids have been a common summer hair trend always (probably originally made famous by maidens in mid-evil times, but then Lauren Conrad had a vision and a rogue braid was on the side of every girls head ;)

Then in 2010 Alexander Wang debuted the messy side braid on his Fall runway. Now in 2011 Celebes and runways are still rocking the braids and you should to!

Don't have enough hair? Clip-in extensions ladies! They are easy and so much fun - you can find them at your local beauty supply or if your feeling brave (and competent) you can sew them yourself!

Its a fun style that screams chic!

Make it as polished or crazy as you like - as long as you ROCK the braid this summer!

Here are some fun style ideas and a clip from Fashion Magazine on how to do some basic braided styles...