Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sample Sale Sample Sale!

I have to say this Saturday was a good one! I went to the Gerry Thomas Gallery for the Designer Sample Sale that PARK hosted and it was such a hit - I practically spent my entire day there, I seriously should have had my own booth I was there for so long. Jalu, Paul Hardy, Anne b Accessories, Lara Presber and Caitlin Power all graced us with their collections at a steal of a deal! Jalu was taking orders for their current collection and offered 15% off and Caitlin had her entire rack of samples marked down - basically it was every girls sale heaven and the crowd was so much fun I just couldn't leave, people just kept coming in and I found myself shopping with a different group of friends every 10 minutes. Congrats to PARK for putting on a fabulous sample sale YOU BETTER be planning the next one ;) I had such a great time!

I ended up purchasing an amazing bracelet from Anne b Accessories and a fabulous pair of pants from Caitlin Power (stay tuned for the pants, I will definitely be doing a photo shoot with these badboys very soon!)

Luanne's (Designer of Jalu Clothing) new baby pug!! Another reason why I couldn't leave! 

Friday, June 17, 2011


WLWL Issue 7 June 2011

The modern world we live in - gender roles are forgotten and women are empowered by their sexuality! This shoot is an ode to the modern women and references great men in history played by women - Philosophers such as Newton, Einstein, Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates are mimicked in their famous poses and identified by their objects in hand. See if you can pick them out ;).

See the issue here 

Einstein: Vonda with iModel Management
Newton: Hayley with iModel Management
Aristotle: Kaelen with iModel Management
Socrates: Jade with 
Sophia Models
Plato: Brooklyn with Key Model Management
Student: Yvonne with Sophia Models
Photography: Tyler Stalman 
Creative Director: Shea Kerwood 
Make-up: Wray Bokitch 
Hair: Hedkandi Salons 


I have had the pleasure of working with Tyler Stalman twice, once on a fashion editorial (now featured in the June 2011 issue 7 of WLWL) and the second time we created a short fashion film. Tyler achieved moody magic with dramatic lighting and suspenseful undertones - every time I watch this I feel a sense of inspiration and wonder what thoughts are running through the woman's head. Take a look and feel inspired!

Clothing from Holt Renfrew: Dolce & Gabbana dress, YSL shoes, KJL jewellery

Untitled from Tyler Stalman on Vimeo.

Model: Ania B - aniab.net
Producer: Shea Kerwood - sheadavidsky.blogspot.com
DP: Tyler Stalman - stalman.com 
Make-up: Alicja Wilkosz - alicjawilkosz.co

Saturday, June 11, 2011

calling all shopaholics

Can't wait for this one :D


Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting with Jessica Pechet in Drumheller for a fabulous location shoot for Conglomerate magazine! Jessica assembled a super team and scouted the most amazing locations at an abandoned mine and the natural dessert surrounding us . Teslin Ward on make-up, Jay Hibbert from Hedkandi Salons on hair, Numa models Brittany Kish and Dustin Lloyd, and creative assistance from Twyla Hayes and Deserae Evenson. The theme was grunge with an apocalyptic twist, I pulled from the Holts closet, NRT, Jalu, and Touche Jewellery. Layered hoods, headbands, body jewellery, leather and fur dominated the set and made for a "Book of Eli" feel. The shoot was an all day gig but it didn't even feel like work?! The energy was so high and the team was so much fun it just felt like getting together with a bunch of friends and taking some pictures...it was such a blast - I can't wait for the next shoot Jessica!!

A word of caution: when shooting in Drumheller in the summer months, always remember to wear sunscreen and BUG SPRAY!!!! Our photographer is now sporting a farmers tan and the entire team was snacked on by mosquitos :P 

Stay tuned for the real thing in the July issue of Conglomerate! Here is a sneak peek of behind the scenes...