Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The SEXY Shoot

deep olive green Alexander Wang smoking jacket - Holt Renfrew

this was one of the best times i have had at a shoot...there was a great group of talented people with high energy making it all happen - Jeremy Bokitch brought his group of hair gurus and Wray Bokitch and Teslin Ward atchieved the sexiest faces! It was my first time working with 2 models - and i can definitely say that i now have a new found respect for photographers!! When working with 2 people its that much harder to get that "perfect" shot but the best thing about Jason Eng is that he gets the perfect shot no matter how long it takes! Some how he even manages to keep the entire night fun, even when we have really late nights at the studio and I start having meltdowns about how long we have been there!

i decided to take advantage of all the hair stylist around and have some straight accross bangs cut!! i also thought it would be fun to mini crimp my hair!?...which made it ultra POOOOOFFYYYY,  unfortunatly this lead to me having Betsey Johnson hair!  i guess i will stick to styling and leave the hair to Jeremy and his crew! but i am so into the fringe ;) thanks Jeremy! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3D photo shoot...don't worry you don't need the glasses to enjoy

the 3D photo shoot,  i can't pretend i knew what this meant when Jason Eng, photographer extraordinaire, told me thats what we would be creating! but i couldn't have outed myself then and there, so i went along with his master plans and showed up with fabulous looks to grace the camera lens - body suits, big hair, and all legs! Ania was fabulous as usual and Jeremy and Wray rocked hair and makeup...i can't wait to see the final result...3D!!! i can only imagine!

 body suit: Holt Renfrew 
bra: La Perla 
thigh high suede boots: Cole Hann 
 body suit: Club Monaco 
belt: Holt Renfrew private label 
shoes/ gloves: Micheal Kors 

 Wray Bokitch making Ania camera ready! 
 Jeremy Bokitch (owner of Hedkandi salons in Calgary) rocking the hair! 
body suit: Club Monaco 
necklace: Fiona Paxton 
shoes: YSL 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am talking about style, fashion, Madonna!?

name: jennifer lyle
gender: female (although I am loving the androgynous look these days! very early Chanel:P)
vices: jersey shore (love to hate it or hate to love it?!!), rag mags, los angeles, nail biting, buying labels I can't afford!!
muses: while changing daily I currently find myself in trysting visions of Lanvin, Alexander Wang, and anything with frills countered by an edgy statement to create style perfection!!

now that you know a little about me sit back and enjoy my blog!

Alexander Wang and Lanvin Spring 2011 - collections I have been coveting this season! 

clothes are my true love and maybe my choice of drug as well (coffee is a close second) - I love their textures, shapes, how they make you feel when you put on that perfect piece, but mostly how they can determine how a person will be perceived by another...I am talking about style of course and that is what makes the world go round my friends! style is what I find myself chasing...whether it be for a short moment of looking completely glamourous to long term rocking a pair of combat boots - I am after "a look" and I am always up for the challenge of finding it! I find an individual moulds their style to the current fashions - but our true style is rooted deep in us and interprets fashion for us...unless of course you are Madonna in which case you are a reinventing goddess that rocks anything any way !!! ;) but in all seriousness I find individual style as fascinating as ones personality - and I intend to let you in on all of mine ;) let me show you my inner Madonna!

fashionably yours,

Jennifer Lyle