Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am talking about style, fashion, Madonna!?

name: jennifer lyle
gender: female (although I am loving the androgynous look these days! very early Chanel:P)
vices: jersey shore (love to hate it or hate to love it?!!), rag mags, los angeles, nail biting, buying labels I can't afford!!
muses: while changing daily I currently find myself in trysting visions of Lanvin, Alexander Wang, and anything with frills countered by an edgy statement to create style perfection!!

now that you know a little about me sit back and enjoy my blog!

Alexander Wang and Lanvin Spring 2011 - collections I have been coveting this season! 

clothes are my true love and maybe my choice of drug as well (coffee is a close second) - I love their textures, shapes, how they make you feel when you put on that perfect piece, but mostly how they can determine how a person will be perceived by another...I am talking about style of course and that is what makes the world go round my friends! style is what I find myself chasing...whether it be for a short moment of looking completely glamourous to long term rocking a pair of combat boots - I am after "a look" and I am always up for the challenge of finding it! I find an individual moulds their style to the current fashions - but our true style is rooted deep in us and interprets fashion for us...unless of course you are Madonna in which case you are a reinventing goddess that rocks anything any way !!! ;) but in all seriousness I find individual style as fascinating as ones personality - and I intend to let you in on all of mine ;) let me show you my inner Madonna!

fashionably yours,

Jennifer Lyle

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