Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The SEXY Shoot

deep olive green Alexander Wang smoking jacket - Holt Renfrew

this was one of the best times i have had at a shoot...there was a great group of talented people with high energy making it all happen - Jeremy Bokitch brought his group of hair gurus and Wray Bokitch and Teslin Ward atchieved the sexiest faces! It was my first time working with 2 models - and i can definitely say that i now have a new found respect for photographers!! When working with 2 people its that much harder to get that "perfect" shot but the best thing about Jason Eng is that he gets the perfect shot no matter how long it takes! Some how he even manages to keep the entire night fun, even when we have really late nights at the studio and I start having meltdowns about how long we have been there!

i decided to take advantage of all the hair stylist around and have some straight accross bangs cut!! i also thought it would be fun to mini crimp my hair!?...which made it ultra POOOOOFFYYYY,  unfortunatly this lead to me having Betsey Johnson hair!  i guess i will stick to styling and leave the hair to Jeremy and his crew! but i am so into the fringe ;) thanks Jeremy! 

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