Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sample Sale Sample Sale!

I have to say this Saturday was a good one! I went to the Gerry Thomas Gallery for the Designer Sample Sale that PARK hosted and it was such a hit - I practically spent my entire day there, I seriously should have had my own booth I was there for so long. Jalu, Paul Hardy, Anne b Accessories, Lara Presber and Caitlin Power all graced us with their collections at a steal of a deal! Jalu was taking orders for their current collection and offered 15% off and Caitlin had her entire rack of samples marked down - basically it was every girls sale heaven and the crowd was so much fun I just couldn't leave, people just kept coming in and I found myself shopping with a different group of friends every 10 minutes. Congrats to PARK for putting on a fabulous sample sale YOU BETTER be planning the next one ;) I had such a great time!

I ended up purchasing an amazing bracelet from Anne b Accessories and a fabulous pair of pants from Caitlin Power (stay tuned for the pants, I will definitely be doing a photo shoot with these badboys very soon!)

Luanne's (Designer of Jalu Clothing) new baby pug!! Another reason why I couldn't leave! 


  1. Twin cuffs! Cant wait for you to rock those pants!!!

  2. I hope there is another sample sale soon!! So much fun. And Luanne's puppy was just waaaay too cute!