Wednesday, August 31, 2011


A couple weeks ago I did a shoot with Numa Model Marie. Jessica Pechet was our director and fabulous photograher, Teslin Ward did make-up and Nicole Sanders from Hedkandi Salon was on hair. I pulled from NRT, Holts, Mealan, and Apt 22. This was definitely one of the more edgy shoots I have ever done and when Jessica is shooting there is always an element of suprise :)! This shoot we had a fog machine - it was the most entertaining thing and I realized I may have a career in low brow special effects ;) I ended up having the title as fog technician/ stylist by the end of this. 

Nicole making hair magic (we did about 6 hair changes) 

 Teslin Ward on make-up 

 Jessica Pechet doing a happy dance ;) 

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