Friday, April 1, 2011


Stella McCartney? in Paul McCartney's daughter?...the Beatle? YOu got it! British designer extraordinare.

If its crisp, simple and gorgeous its probably STELLA's. While I know some of her stuff can feel some what "mom-ish" the detail and strong tailoring is what makes us all come back for more!

This spring McCartney's ready to wear line said "to hell with the wide leg floor sweeping pant" and flew in with the cropped, high-waisted, and cuffed pant with a hint of flare. It's simple and genius as always, but a slap of bold fruity prints and slits up the leg...Bob's your uncle! The suiting is strong and the dresses playful. Her line is so wearable i feel as though it would mesh so well with anyone's current wardrobe! Piece it together and imagine for yourself...

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